It is often believed that the success of our professional lives depends upon our talent and abilities to perform.

While this is very much true when we talk about the majority of fields, it seems like the formula to survive in Hollywood is a bit different.

lizzy caplan

No doubt, talent works in favor for all those struggling in the industry, however, the body shape and figure too, greatly matters and regarded as a bonus!

The brunette beauty, Elizabeth Anne Lizzy Caplan can swear to the significance of an attractive figure in the Hollywood industry.

The ‘Mean girls’ star, is said to lose several major roles for not being physically in shape!

Caplan was almost an unknown face before the release of Mean Girls, however the movie earned her great recognition and drove her to the new heights.

Her role as Gena Myers in the movie, Bachelorette and Marlena Diamond in Cloverfield were also admired by her fans, whereas she got nominated for her brilliant TV work in the ‘Masters of sex’.

Interestingly, as her career made an upward shift with time, Lizzy also ensured that she does not lag behind in her physical transformation and looks.

Her fans on social media constantly appreciate Lizzy for her efforts to keep herself fit and lean. Lizzy Caplan before and after photos are not just worth appreciating, but are worth praising!

Lizzy Caplan Statistics

Height: 5’6 inches.
Weight: 120 lbs (54.5kg)
Body measurements: 34-25-32 inches.


Lizzy in an interview revealed that her struggle to show her talent is not yet over. She wants to play more and more roles and rule hearts.

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She loves to act and there is nothing in the world that can keep her away from work.

However, she believes that to ensure her slot, she needs to be fit and healthy. Lizzy once revealed that she has lost several roles for not being in a perfect physical state, which has of course, disappointed her.

She wants to be the part of fraternity for as long as possible and for that, she needs to be ‘fit’ enough for the roles.

As of today, Lizzy Caplan 120lbs makes her a perfect pick for any lead role! Long way to go girl!


According to Lizzy, extreme and hardcore workouts are never her roadway to success.

Even though, exercises are greatly favorable for building and keep up our energy levels, however, she does not follow a comprehensive fitness regime as this ends up making her look strange.

While Lizzy loves to munch, she believes in eating right and in moderation.

No doubt, our body requires a constant supply of food to survive and function smoothly, yet, making the right eating choices is equally important for the betterment of our mental and physical health.


As said, Lizzy is fond of eating and her favorite munching options are pizza and chocolate.

While Lizzy’s favorite items may sound very much relatable to us, it is important to note that she is very particular about what she eats in general.

lizzy caplan weight loss

Lizzy Caplan diet comprises of healthy foods. She likes to welcome her day with an omelet and sometimes with porridge.

She also makes smart choices for her dinner with foods like roast sweet potatoes, spinach and quinoa.

It is interesting to note that the young woman has totally excluded meat from her diet and has replaced it with fish.

Lizzy also confessed of having cheat days, the time when she enjoys her favorite foods, however, she proclaimed to manage it well thereafter.

Besides a healthy diet, the Miss-Teeq’s founder also supplies vitamin supplements to her body.

Despite looking flawless and sexy all the time, the girl discourages strict diets that deprive us from essential nutrition.

Lizzy Caplan workout, on the other hand is pretty simple. As said, she avoids extreme workout regimens and follows simple, yet effective exercises for her body.

Some exercises that are a part of routine are Deadlift, squat, pectorals etc.

She pays more focus on conditioning exercises as these aids in accelerating the basal metabolic rate and are hence, effective for weight loss.

It is interesting to note that the efforts she takes to lose weight or control weight are thoroughly supervised by a professional trainer.

The girl is advised to workout twice a week for 60 minutes each time.

Despite understanding the significance of workout and exercises for a healthy weight and healthy body, the girl often misses her sessions, owing to her busy, hectic routines.

Nonetheless, she manages to maintain her figure quite well even after the work pressure!


The celebrity has always been transparent about her tactics and methods to stay in shape. Her fans are well aware of what works and how exactly Lizzy Caplan lose weight!

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Her transformation in every stage of her career has always impressed the viewers who believe that she has the potential to live up to the audience’s expectations.

Connect with Lizzy Caplan through her Facebook and Instagram account, and see how she managed to rule hearts for over a decade!

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